How to build a personal website

Level of difficulty: Easy

Most of the time the urge to create a personal website comes when one wants to share their family/personal information with a large number of people or wants to forge their opinions on some occurrences or events. Sometimes people create personal websites for discussing their hobbies and interests as well. For example, how their favorite cricket team is performing, when a particular mobile company is going to launch its new model, what are the facilities it is going to offer, etc. In today’s world, blogs and social networking sites offer great ways of creating a personal site.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
There are different ways of creating a website. You may choose Online Sitebuilder and Flash Websites or Standard HTML template plus Webpage editor or even Content management system like WordPress, Joomla, and Site build-it. Are you interested in blogging? Willing to use the personal website as a diary to scribble your thoughts? If you want to create this kind of site then you can go for WordPress.
Step 2
While creating a website keep certain things in mind. You need to organize your site from the very beginning. If you arrange the folders for your site before you commence creating pages, you will always be able to trace the pages when you need them. You can create different folders for different types of files for your convenience. If you want to add pictures to your site, you should create a folder and name it something like 'graphics' or 'pictures. Use this folder only for storing your pictures. If you have some pages about you and some other family members, make separate folders for both. The graphics sizes should preferably be small. If the pixel size of your graphics is too big, it may take too long for your page to load. The readers may get impatient and not stick around if they are made to wait for long. The text should be kept narrow. It is easier to read text that are in narrow columns. It is all the more important as the readers are going to read on their computer screen. If they are not able to read everything without scrolling sideways, there is a high chance they will skip reading it. You should update your website every now and then. If the visitors find your site interesting and revisit it and find no new information and updates, they will probably not come again.