How to clean your computer registry

Level of difficulty: Difficult

A computer might seem a device that can be handled with ease. However, it is not that easy and sometimes a person needs to have strong technical knowledge before one could fix the problem. Windows registry is one such term that most of the users would be aware of but are still finding it tough to clean. This windows registry is a kind of storage space for all the information and data of the computer. After some time the registry starts’ storing excessive information and so it does not recognize the information that is useful for the functioning of the system and thus it becomes necessary to delete those files.

Materials Needed:
- Technical knowledge and deep knowledge of the operating system
Step 1
An individual can pick to clean up the registry by opting to use a registry editor. This editor will enable the user to go through the registry and one can get free of the unwanted entries.
Step 2
For people who are not experienced will find it difficult to recognize the useful registry as they have long names and thus taking assistance from the experienced person will solve the issue. Removing a useful one by mistake can cost heavily as it can crash the whole operating system.
Step 3
The best recommended option to liberate the computer from the redundant registry would be to choose registry cleaner software. One can look for a third party developed cleaner. These cleaner will not only remove the unwanted registry but it would also fix the mistakes that pop up within the registry.
Step 4
While making a choice for any software to clean the registry an individual must select the one that will list all the unwanted ones after it has finished scanning.
Step 5
A registry cleaning software must be easy to be install as it takes less time and works faster.
Step 6
Apart from buying the software, one can even get some economical ways to clean up the registry. Registering with some free scan and registry scanner will save a lot of money. Several software options available on internet allow an individual to choose which one to register. Before registering, one should have sound knowledge about the operating system.
Step 7
While performing the registry cleaning process, an individual must not forget to keep a back up of the system files and applications. This is usually recommended because by mistake if any application is deleted then at least it can be reloaded again.