How to Replace a Laptop Screen

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The laptop is a personal computer. Many individuals use laptops because of it mobility. It has a built-in display screen, keyboard, and a touch pad. Laptop also uses Wi-Fi for Internet connection, but it can also connect to the Internet by using cable. The most fragile and important part of the laptop is its display screen. You need to replace the display screen if there is a big damage on your laptop screen.

Materials Needed:
- A replacement screen
- a flat head screw driver
- a Phillips head screw driver
- a small container or cup
- anti static strap (optional).
Step 1
First, you need to use your anti-static strap or touch a metal to disperse any static electricity that you may have if you do not own an anti-static strap. Then, turn the laptop over and get your small containers for the screws.
Step 2
You will need to remove the battery of the laptop. Then, remove all the screw on the side of the screen and also remove the screws under the battery. You will also need to remove the keyboard and disconnect the wireless antenna wires. Be sure that you remember the place where you removed the antenna wires.
Step 3
After you remove the battery, you need to press and hold the power switch for about half a minute. Do this to disperse all the remaining power in the capacitors. The next thing to do is take the speaker bezel off using the flat head screw driver. Then, remove the plastic clips and be sure that you do not damage anything to ensure that everything will work afterwards.
Step 4
Remove the connected cables on the screen. You need to remove the video cable. Then, carefully remove the thin wires controlling the webcam and microphones of the monitor. Now that the screen is out of the way, you can remove the keyboard.
Step 5
Pull the screws on the keyboard using the Phillips screw driver. After that, you must gently remove the keyboard then detach the cable connecting the laptop and the keyboard. You must be sure that the cable will get no damage because if it does, the laptop might not work. After seeing the inside of the laptop, remember the location of the wires because you will need to get it back later.
Step 6
After removing the wires connecting the laptop and the screen, you can get the replacement screen. Then, attach the wires of the screen to the laptop and place the wires where it should be. Also, reattach the microphones, webcam, and video wires back. Put back the speaker bezel and reattach the keyboard. After that, turn the laptop over and then start putting back the screws.