How to Change Font Colors in HTML

Level of difficulty: Easy

Changing the HTML font colors can have both practical and fun applications for your Web page or blog. Various font colors can make your page stand out or follow an overall design or theme, or it can help you organize data on your page much better. By simply following these steps, you can change the colors of the fonts in your Web page.

Materials Needed:
- Notepad or any HTML editing program
Step 1
The first step in changing font colors is to know its specific HTML tag. The font tag that handles the color attributes is constructed as: <font color='COLOR'>TEXT</font>. The area with the words COLOR is where you will enter the color you want for your font, while the TEXT is where you will place the letters you want to be colored.
Step 2
Once you have composed the font color tag, it is now time for you to choose its color. The simplest method to do so is by using the Standard Color selection to change the color of the HTML font. In Standard Color, you will simply type in the name of color you want onto the font color tag. For example, if you want to have the font colored green, simply type in <font color='green'>. This is the easiest method of changing font colors, but it only supports the colors yellow, teal, white, silver, red, purple, maroon, lime, green, olive, navy, gray, fuchsia, blue, aqua, and black.
Step 3
If you want to have a wider array of colors to choose from for your HTML fonts, you can also opt for the RGB Hexadecimal notation. Although it is a bit more complicated than the Standard Color selection, the RGB Hexadecimal notation is more popular with HTML editors because it offers a more precise presentation of the color. Instead of color names, the Hexadecimal notation uses a system based on the amount of red, green, and blue that is on every pixel on a computer screen. It is composed of a series of numbers and letters (which the computer also translates as numbers) that are preceded by the symbol #. If you want to have your text colored navy using the RGB Hexadecimal Notation; for example, you will have to type in <font color=' #666699 '>.
Step 4
Place the font tag with the corresponding color attribute and text on the <body> section of your Web page. Make sure that you have closed the font tag and have put the </font> tag after the colored text. Save your HTML and load it up in your browser to see the finished text.