How to clean dvds

Level of difficulty: Easy

DVDs are used for various purposes, to record movies, songs, videos, etc. When you find that the DVD is skipping or does not read, either the DVD is dirty or the lens is dirty of the DVD player. If the DVD is dirty and cannot read the data, all you have to do is take care of the problem by cleaning the DVD. It is very frustrating when you are watching a movie on a DVD and it stops midway. It is an easy task to clean a DVD, so always hold a DVD by its sides when it is inserted in the player to avoid dirt particles to get onto it. Here are few ways to clean a DVD when it gets dirty.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized tools
Step 1
Start cleaning from the middle of the disk and in an outward motion, this will prevent you from scratching the disc. Don’t circle around the DVD to clean it as it will cause scratches.
Step 2
Wipe the DVD using a soft cloth preferably a micro fiber cloth. Merely dust can be wiped off with a soft cloth and you don’t have to use cleaning solution. Micro fiber cloth is good for cleaning a DVD as cloth is weaved very tightly and it attracts dirt and doesn’t scratch the DVD.
Step 3
If you have fingerprints and oily substance on the DVD remove it by mixing alcohol and water in equal ratio. Use it to clean the disc.
Step 4
Alcohol has spirit in it, so it evaporates easily and fast without leaving marks. Use just a little of the solution and allow it to dry.
Step 5
Take a little window cleaner and spray it on a soft cloth, and apply it to the DVD, do not spray it directly onto it.
Step 6
If the DVD is very badly marked, this is the best way to remove the residue.
Step 7
It usually happens that DVDs tend to get scratches on them, to make them last longer, put toothpaste on the small scratches. This idea maybe sounding weird but it works.
Step 8
Use not so strong toothpaste, add some water and apply it to the scratched area. Rub from the middle outwards to avoid scratches.