How to build a super computer

Level of difficulty: Hard

A super computer is working two or more computers through a networking system, distributing the workload between the computers and providing a failsafe system. When a cluster of computers are involved, it is better to customize the computers so that the system is fast and safe. To build a super computer, you need to customize the operating system that is possible only if you have experience in building workstations and systems, then you can go ahead and build your own super computer.

Materials Needed:
- Experienced
Step 1
The operating system used for super computers has to be installed on the computer. For a window based cluster, most commonly Windows NT and Windows 2000 are the operating system that is used.
Step 2
To make the super computers, you will have to connect the computers to a LAN, switch or hub, which is known as the local area network.
Step 3
Since there are several computers involved, you will have to install a cluster management service along with communication software which will serve as a master computer among the cluster of computers. To do so, use MPI which means Message Passing Interface. This software is easy to use and you can use a free version which is MPICH. You can find this free version in the homepage of MPICH.
Step 4
After you have downloaded MPICH free version from the homepage, save it in a separate folder on the main hard drive of the main master computer.
Step 5
From the new folder, copy the '.dll' files onto the Windows system 32 folder which is on the main hard drive.
Step 6
To get the software installed, run the '.bat' file to install the cluster management service and communication software.
Step 7
Now do the same step 4 on all the other computers in the cluster.
Step 8
To detect all the other computers in the cluster system, start the 'shell' program which is in the new folder on the master computer.
Step 9
Give an unique address to each computer. Now you are ready to use the super computer.