How to clear file history on computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

Internet and computers have simplified the ways of living. With just one click on the mouse a user can do multiple tasks. The ease and speed with which work is being done with these modern day technologies is surely worth praising. One does not need to sit for hours to do find something anything and almost everything is possible with them. People who are continuous users of the web applications must be aware of the word “history and must also be aware of the fact that what are the disadvantages of these. History is a kind of backup of all the web pages that an individual visits while surfing. The history can remain in the system as long as possible and the major disadvantage to keep them for long will hamper the system speed as well as it would also lead to some errors that can make the PC malfunction.

Materials Needed:
- Sound knowledge of the internet
Step 1
The users can easily delete the history and different browsers have a different way of deleting the past history.
Step 2
Most of the people worldwide still use the internet explorer with different versions and deleting history on this browser is very simple.
Step 3
All one needs to do is to open the web page and then needs to go to the tools tab.
Step 4
Pressing on 'tools' tab will open a drop down menu with multiple applications. Under these options one needs to press on the 'internet options'.
Step 5
In the internet options there are many tabs and in this an individual needs to select the general category.
Step 6
This option will open many things. It would give the users the options to delete files, cookies and history.
Step 7
Press on delete files and then click ok.
Step 8
Then click on delete cookies and enter ok. It will make the system free of the unwanted cookies that have been stored in the cache memory.
Step 9
Then there is an option to delete history. Pressing on this tab will delete the entire past history of all web pages that have been visited.
Step 10
Apart from this there is also an option to change the history setting. One can change the history settings so that it is stored for the least number of days and then gets automatically deleted off the computer memory.
Step 11
Deleting the history, cookies and unwanted files can be done every time a user works on internet. It will help the PC to load the applications faster and will decrease the processing time.