How to charge ipod shuffle

Level of difficulty: Easy

When you are charging your I Pod shuffle, which doesn’t have a screen to indicate, then which way can you find out if you need a charge, if your battery is fully charged? Simple, the I Pod will speak to you or you have to check the meter battery light.

Materials Needed:
- Power supply
Step 1
You have to connect the I Pods USB cord into a USB port on the computer. A high powered port has to be used for it to work. An I Pod battery cannot be charged sufficiently or generate enough power if it is connected to the keyboard.
Step 2
The USB’s other end of the cord should be inserted into the I Pod Shuffle’s headphone jack.
Step 3
For a full charge, keep it for 3 to 4 hours and make certain the computer is not on sleep mode while charging.
Step 4
When you are charging your I Pod shuffle through a computer, you will see that an orange light is on, that means the I Pod shuffle is charging. The light is located at the top of the I Pod. When the battery is fully charged, then the orange light changes to green, an indication that charge is full.
Step 5
When you unplug your I Pod shuffle, there are three lights that give you indication of your battery status. A green light will indicate that the battery is 50% charged, and an orange light will tell you that the battery is 25% charged. When a red light comes on, then, it is danger; your battery is very low and needs instant recharge as soon as you can do it. An I Pod shuffle takes approximately four hours to charge.
Step 6
Another way is to use the VoiceOver. It is a device which is installed in the I Pod and I Phone and the device speaks names. It was introduced with the I Pod Shuffle. People who are visually impaired can use an I Pod Shuffle for its VoiceOver feature. It gives a default computer sounding voice. Install VoiceOver on the I Pod Shuffle, the VoiceOver will tell you how much of the battery has been charged if you switch off the I Pod off and on quickly.