How to create pdf files

Level of difficulty: Easy

PDF means a Portable Document Format. PDF files are extensivey widely used for websites and to distribute electronic documents over networks, via e-mail or CD-ROM. This format is universally used because it preserves all the fonts, formatting, colors, and graphics of any source document, regardless of the application and the platform used to create it. There are two common types of PDF documents: Text Files that have been converted to PDF files. Scanned images of text.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
How to create a PDF file from a text-only file of MS Word and WordPerfect version? After ensuring that Adobe PDFWriter as a printer option in the list of printers has been added, the next steps should be followed :
Step 2
Open your word document. Go to File, then select Print.
Step 3
Under the print drop-down menu, click over Acrobat at PDF Writer. Then, click over Properties.
Step 4
On the Page Setup Tab choose page size and select the orientation desired (letter size is the default). Next, verify that the graphic resolution is set to screen and the scaling is set to 100%.
Step 5
Select all of the options offered. Under 'Color/Greyscale Images' choose JPEG Medium.
Step 6
Click the Font Embedding Tab, then check the Embedded All Fonts option. Finally, click OK.
Step 7
Click OK on the print screen.
Step 8
Save in your location of choice with a name.
Step 9
Scanned images of text are not accessible to all users. People with vision impairments and learning disabilities using assistive technology such as a screen reader have no access to the information in a scanned PDF because the information is presented as an image and their screen readers will detect an image and read the word 'blank' to them.
Step 10
A simple way to make a PDF file containing text and graphics accessible to visually-impaired and learning-disabled users is to make a descriptive text-only version of the file available to them, usually as a Word or WordPerfect document by substituting text description for any graphics, as shown below.
Step 11
Open the MS Word file that contains graphics.
Step 12
Make a text-only version of the content of your PDF file in Word or Word Perfect, substituting text descriptions for the images embedded in the file.
Step 13
When you post your PDF file to a website, place a parallel link to the new accessible, text-only Word or WordPerfect document near the PDF link.