How to clear cookies

Level of difficulty: Easy

Cookie is the temporary memory of the browser which saves the frequently surfed pages in the memory, in order to make the surfing fast for the user. But this also includes the risk at the privacy of a user. Some users don’t want to reveal the pages they opened to others. In that case user required to clear the cookies to release the information they save. Sometimes one fill the forms in which one provides the personal information like account number, and other passwords or sensitive information. The cookies store the form data so that user doesn’t have to fill the information again and again. But this has a disadvantage as well when one is working on system other than his personal system, as the information can be leaked out to some unwanted person. Hence we perform the task of clearing the cookies of the System to avoid this act. Cookies also make the system slow at times and sometimes your computer crushes frequently due to cookies. In that case one has to clear unnecessary cookies. It is very easy task, and takes few minutes to clear them.

Materials Needed:
- A computer System
- Internet connection
- and cookies in the browser.
Step 1
Open the internet browser and click on the 'Tools' option from the menu bar.
Step 2
Either select the 'Delete Browser History' or select the last option 'Internet options' from the drop down list.
Step 3
A pop-up window will open after clicking the 'Delete Browser History' in which one will find the Cookies option and beneath it is written 'Files stored on your computer by websites to save preferences such as login information'. There is a 'delete cookies' button in front of it. If one click on the Delete cookies button a pop-up message asks whether user is sure to delete the cookies from the system. By clicking the Yes button one clears the cookies of the system.
Step 4
Although one can delete cookies only but is suggested to click on the 'Delete All' button in order to delete the temporary internet files, History, Form data and passwords saved on the system memory. This will ensure a complete security. One will not have to worry once you delete all the form information from the used information.