How to Start Your Own Computer Business

Level of difficulty: Difficult

The rate of computer usage is rapidly increasing these days. It plays a very important role in the lives of many people. With the use of computers, people can do many things in everyday life. Computers can be used in paperwork, research, communication, and entertainment. Many businesspersons are establishing computer rental shops with Internet access due to the increasing need of computer usage. Even those who are not so familiar with computers attempt to build computer businesses. The following are the steps on how to start a computer business:

Materials Needed:
- Computers
- business plan
- Capital
Step 1
Establish the budget. The amount of capital needed to invest must be enough to start the business. Plan what items need to be purchased. Calculate the rent, the utilities and the salaries to be paid out to the staff. Prepare a scheduled plan of payment for six months. To be safe in preparation, include the expenses of the first three months without calculating the profits to be made.
Step 2
Think about the location. The business’ location must be easy to find and the area must be accessible to foot traffic. A place where computer use is in-demand and the competition is low is preferable. For example, a location near schools or universities, offices and shopping malls is such a good spot.
Step 3
Consider the hardware. Try to obtain high-end desktop computers and LCD monitors. Computer technology advances rapidly, with high-end components becoming obsolete rather quickly. To remain competitive in the computer rental business, starting out with more advanced computers will in the long run lessen your upgrade costs. Using LCD monitors will lower your utility costs. This is because LCD monitors consume less electricity that CRT monitors.
Step 4
Ensure the connection. It is important to maintain the quality of the Internet connection. Make sure all the computers are working properly. Check all the cables and wirings of the router, modem, and switch to ensure the network connections. Troubleshooting knowledge in computers may give you an edge in this business. Study the troubleshooting and maintenance of the computers. This will compliment the business’ image. When customers are satisfied with the connection, it will help the chances that these customers will become regular patrons.
Step 5
Use original software. The Operating System you will install should be genuine; if not, you will be facing some legal issues regarding the use of the computer OS. To lessen the expenses in buying documenting programs, you may opt to download open source programs like Open Office. These are free to download over the Internet.
Step 6
Find a staff. You may opt to hire people whom you can entrust the business to, especially if you have other appointments to attend. It would be a big help in managing the flow of the business if there are people to assist the customers consistently.
Step 7
Offer other services. For the business to grow, additional services must be offered. These include the serving of meals and snacks, downloading of files, printing, and photocopying jobs. This will make your business a more convenient place for the customers to work in.