How to Use Wireless Internet

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Using wireless Internet has a lot of advantages over the standard wired Internet connection. Just like its name implies, wireless Internet uses little or no wires; instead, it relies on special transmitting devices to connect to the Web. This is great if you use a laptop for browsing, travel a lot, or live in a place where phone lines are inaccessible. However, just like a wired Internet connection, you still need to follow a few guidelines in order to use your wireless Internet in its full potential.

Materials Needed:
- A broadband Internet connection
- wireless router
- a few meters of network cable
- modem
Step 1
To use a wireless Internet connection, you must first connect the computer modem to a wireless router, a box-like device with one or two antennas sticking out of its back. Make sure that the router is off and that the computer modem is connected to the Internet.
Step 2
Attach one side of the network cable into the modem and the other to the WLAN, WAN or Internet port on the wireless router. The network cable usually comes bundled with the router, but you can easily purchase one at any computer store.
Step 3
Once the network cable has been attached, connect the computer to any open network port on the wireless router and turn the computer on. The computer should automatically connect with the wireless router.
Step 4
After it has detected a network connection, the Windows desktop will display a notification stating that it has found a new wireless connection. The notice comes in the form of a yellow word balloon and a wireless network icon that appears on the lower left corner of the screen. Right-click on the wireless network icon and click the 'View Available Wireless Networks' option. This will open the Wireless Networks window that lists all the wireless networks available. Click the network that you subscribed to and click on the 'Connect' button on the lower right corner of the window.
Step 5
If the program prompts you to enter a key, type in the encryption key you have entered in the configuration settings of the router and click connect. If it fails to connect, check if the key you entered is correct and try to reconnect. If it still refuses to connect, contact your wireless Internet provider.
Step 6
Wait for the computer to connect to the network. The connection speed may vary from a couple of seconds to a few minutes, depending on the strength of the signal and the technical specifications of your machine. Once a connection has been established, you can now use wireless Internet with your computer.