How to Remove McAfee Anti-virus

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

In the computer industry, McAfee has been known as one of the pioneers and more reliable developers in the field of security programs for personal computer systems. The McAfee anti-virus software has evolved from a single standalone anti-virus program into a complete protection suite that provides universal and real time protection against majority of malicious programs in the computer market. It relies on a scanning method that uses the most updated anti-virus database engine in the industry to help it identify even the newest type of security threats based on known virus signatures. Competitively priced, it has also successfully inked agreements with major computer manufacturers which allow the installation of a 30-day trial version of its protection software for every new OEM computer package sold by its affiliates.

Materials Needed:
- Computer running the Microsoft Windows Operating System platform
- McAfee anti-virus suite
Step 1
Despite the reputation built by the McAfee anti-virus programs, there are instances wherein computer users opt to use other brands of protection software. Since it is ill-advised to have two different protection programs in one machine, the removal of the McAfee product can be done by opening 'Control Panel' and selecting the 'Add/Remove Programs' category.
Step 2
In the list under the 'Currently Installed Programs' window, look for the McAfee or Network Associates product that must be removed and click on it.
Step 3
When highlighted, click on the 'Change/Remove' button to begin the uninstall procedure.
Step 4
Normally, a new window will be displayed waiting for the user to check the corresponding products of McAfee that will be removed. After checking the products to be uninstalled, click on the 'Remove' button.
Step 5
A warning message will be displayed to inform the user of the removal process to be started. Click on the 'Remove' button to continue with the process.
Step 6
A status bar will be displayed to inform the user of the status of the program’s removal from the system. Upon completion, reboot the machine to complete the uninstall procedure.
Step 7
After the reboot process, verify if the McAfee product has been removed from the machine. In case the normal removal process has failed, use the automatic removal option for McAfee security products by opening the Web browser and going to the address to download the removal tool.
Step 8
Download and save the McAfee Removal Tool and save it directly on the desktop.
Step 9
Upon completion of the download process, close (exit do not minimize) all open McAfee programs and double click on the MCPR executable file on the desktop to launch the removal tool.
Step 10
Upon completion of its removal process, restart the machine and verify if all McAfee product components have been removed from the system.
Step 11
If for whatever reason some components still remain, open the Web browser and go to the;=419397 address.
Step 12
Additional steps to do if necessary are to click on the 'Start' Menu and select the 'My Computer' option.
Step 13
Double click on the Drive C icon and open the Program Files folder.
Step 14
Scan for the presence of any McAfee product associated folder and right click on it. Select the 'Delete' option for each instance.