How to Uninstall Norton Internet Security 2004

Level of difficulty: Easy

The Norton Internet Security 2004 application is a great security suite to keep your computer free from pesky viruses and other malware programs, but there are times that you have to remove such great software from your system. Luckily, uninstalling the Norton Internet Security 2004 program is really not that hard to do, although it is not recommended as it would make your computer more susceptible to infection by viruses and spyware. So, unless it is malfunctioning or you have another security software application to replace it with, it is best that you leave the Norton Internet Security 2004 program on your computer.

Materials Needed:
- Norton Internet Security 2004
- Registry Cleaner (optional)
Step 1
If your computer runs on a Windows XP Operating System, begin by clicking the Start Menu> Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. A windowed list of all the existing programs installed on your computer should appear at this point.
Step 2
Among the list of programs installed on your computer, find and click 'Norton Internet Security'. Once you have selected it, click the 'Change' or 'Remove' button.
Step 3
After the Norton Security Setup window appears, click on the 'Remove All' button. Please note that this will uninstall all files related to the Norton Internet Security 2004 program as well as other Norton security programs installed on your computer.
Step 4
Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and if the system prompts for a reboot, restart your PC. The Norton Internet Security 2004 program should be uninstalled from the system after startup.
Step 5
If you are running a computer on Windows 98, you can uninstall the file by clicking the 'Start' menu and going to the Settings > Control Panel. Once the Control Panel window is open, double-click the 'Add/Remove Programs' and click on 'Norton Internet Security'.
Step 6
After selecting Norton Internet Security 2004, click the 'Add/Remove' button. Just like the XP uninstall procedure, this will remove all Norton Internet Security 2004 files as well as files from other Norton programs. Simply follow the uninstall instructions posted on the screen and reboot if necessary.
Step 7
If you want to completely uninstall any traces of Norton Internet Security 2004 from your computer, you can also opt to use a file and registry cleaner such as CCleaner or Click & Clean. These cleaner utilities can search your computer’s hard drive for any traces left by Norton Internet Security 2004 on the system directory and registry and remove them permanently. These programs can easily be downloaded from the Web.