How to center a web page

Level of difficulty: EASY

A web page is a text document that contains link to other web pages. Web pages resides on servers that run special software that allows user to activate links to other web pages and to internet services. In order to graphically display a web page, a web browser is needed which helps to retrieve the web pages from the internet. A web page contains numerous types of information like textual or non-textual information, interactive or internal (hidden) information. For creating a web page, a HTML editor is very important and for uploading it to the web server, we need a FTP client. The web pages are served from the web server using HyperText Transfer Protocol. Now, designing a web page is completely personal and can be made as per our own preference. For videos, high screen ratios are fine. But just imagine that you have to surf the web and go through long lines of text. Really, that is something hard and tiring for the eye. That is the main reason for which we opt for centering a web page.

Materials Needed:
- Image editing program like MS Paint.
Step 1
Well, centering the elements of a web page is easy and requires nearly a minute to complete the process. The web page that needs updation has to be opened with the HTML editor.
Step 2
Select the elements that are wanted at the center of the page.
Step 3
Provide the instructions stating to align the elements at the center.
Step 4
Lastly, save the web page and open it in your browser. Whether the browser window is short or tall, it does not matter as the content gets perfectly centered on the screen.
Step 5
The web page is a file that is created with the help of the programming languages like HTML, java script and others. It is a text document that contains link to other web pages, videos and mp3 files and other internet services like email. Millions of the users can directly access any web page from the web servers and follow link to other pages. But accessing the web page with the problem of huge text lines in LCD monitors is tedious. So, avail the option of web page centering to enjoy web surfing the utmost and provide your eye the much needed comfort.