How to change ipod battery

Level of difficulty: Easy

Every battery has a life span. I pods come with rechargeable batteries and they pull you through comfortably without interruption the first three years, normally. After about two to three years, they stop charging and then its time to change the batteries. Some I pods have their battery in a closed up compartment and not accessible to the users.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized hardware
Step 1
There are also Mp3 players with accessible battery compartment, so if the battery conks out all of a sudden and the I pod needs a new one, you can use a screwdriver to open up the compartment. This will take away your warranty period on the I pod and changing the battery is doing it on your own risk
Step 2
If you want it replaced by the company, then you can spend a nominal amount and send it to the shop, the battery is changed, but all the songs and music that you have stored, all gets erased and the time taken too might be considerable.
Step 3
Changing the battery of the I pod is a very tricky method as the parts are very sensitive and one mistake might make the device useless. You can buy a battery online and change it with the old one to bring life back to it. The main concern is to change the battery without damaging the device.
Step 4
Since you are not an expert in changing I pod batteries, this process of doing it yourself might leave marks and scratches on it, ruining the exterior but if you are prepared to take on this challenge, then go ahead.
Step 5
While you are searching on the net for the battery, make sure it is the same model of the I pod and the battery fits the bill. Try to get a reasonable deal, so searching various sites before settling on a particular one is very important.
Step 6
After the battery is purchased, open the I pod with a plastic device or a guitar pick. Open up an edge of the I pod, and then carefully slide the length to open the whole I pod. Pull out the flat metal battery which is under the steel cover, attached with adhesive to the hard drive. Remove the old battery and attach the new one. Put all the parts back together and charge your I pod. Now it is ready as new.