How to convert mkv to dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

If a good converter is available to change MKV to DVD, then you can convert a movie, keeping intact the quality and converting it in a short duration of an hour. It is an easy process to convert MKV to DVD mode, by using different templates, and creating your own DVD menu, the software program also gives you the opportunity to add images, audio and background video. Here are some steps to use while converting MKV to DVD format.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
First, install VSO ConvertxtoDVD. This can be downloaded from the site free of cost, and after you download this version, then install it in your computer. Before you download, the site will specify that it is a trial period. Either use the trial period program or if you wish to buy it, then click on the 'Buy' button, the page will give you directions on how to order it and purchase.
Step 2
When you open the ConvertXDVD, use double click on the 'try' button, that will enable you to enter the main page of ConvertXDVD.
Step 3
Then you have to add the MKV file to the VSO ConvertXDVD by choosing the files that you wish to convert to DVD, just click on the 'Add' button or use another option, via 'File', then add video file.
Step 4
When you have added the video file, it is noticeable to you as 'Titleset'. The quality of the output will always appear on the left bottom of the page of the 'conversion advisor' when you add a video. This depends on total time consumed to add the files. Go to the settings list, click on'General'.
Step 5
Choose the working folder here.
Step 6
Choose 'Enable last folder' option from the list, then 'Flip preview'. You can get upgrades from the computer.
Step 7
There are other settings too where you can choose from. Change the language that you require, and define the length of every chapter. Choose the video type and select the items on the menu.
Step 8
Specify the burning speed and SAO options. Set a language to use as the subtitle and add the specific volume. Choose the quality and you will be able to change the sound in this program.
Step 9
The file is now ready to 'Convert' MKV to DVD.