How to Download the Security Suite

Level of difficulty: Easy

Computer Security Suite is a package of antivirus, antispyware and other computer software protection programs. It is a strategic combination of different security features from different antivirus companies. It is mostly preferable due to its offered convenience on having to download updates from just one website, which saves both time and money for its user. Most security suite providers have a downloadable program on their website. To download a security suite, follow these steps:

Materials Needed:
- Internet connection
- WinRAR
- WinZip
- Antivirus
Step 1
Log on to an Internet Web search engine. Search for a reputable computer security suite provider to ensure quality performance.
Step 2
Check on the hardware and software requirements of the security suite product you wish to download. Make sure that it is compatible with your computer’s specifications.
Step 3
Proceed to downloading the program as soon as all compatibility issues are settled.
Step 4
Go to the downloaded file and run the program to install. Some security suite programs are in .rar or in .zip format. If this is the case then you will have to extract the file first before you can proceed with the installation. Rar files require a WinRAR program for extraction while ZIP files require WinZip. You may get a free trial version of these programs over the Internet. Once you are done with the extraction, you can now proceed installing the program.
Step 5
Select the run button to in the Open File – Security Warning box. This box initially appears during installation. On some security suite, additional window such as Policy Agreement window pops up to solicit the users approval on its terms and policies before you can resume to installation.
Step 6
The next window is usually the Save To window. This is the part where you can choose the destination folder where you wish to save your security suite.
Step 7
Click on the Next button after choosing your desired folder destination for the installation.
Step 8
A window showing the status of your installation will appear on the screen. Click the finish button upon completion of the installation.
Step 9
Restart your computer as requested then check if the security suite is properly working by opening it from its desktop shortcut icon.
Step 10
Lastly, get the latest updates for your security suite over the Internet.