How to charge an ipod

Level of difficulty: Easy

An I pod has large storage, and it has a built in battery which is internal. Keep the battery of your I Pod charged regularly so that you don’t risk the loss of data from it if the battery of the I Pod gets low. The I Pod battery can be charged by connecting it to an I Pod Power Adaptor or by connecting it to your computer through a USB port.

Materials Needed:
- Computer Hardware
Step 1
If you are charging the I Pod through the computer, simply plug in the USB cable into your computer, and the other end to your I Pod, and then charge it. The I Pod will charge on its own and when the charge is over, you will get an indication.
Step 2
If you are charging with a Power Adaptor, you will need to buy the adaptor as you no longer get it in the pack with the I Pod like before. All you have to do is plug the charger into the wall and the other end into the I Pod and allow it to charge. When the charge is over, a plug symbol will appear to let you know.
Step 3
You can either give your I Pod a full charge or a quick charge. A quick charge will allow you to use your I Pod for as long as two hours and if you give it a full charge, you can use it for a longer period of six to seven hours. The life span of the battery depends on its usage. The longer usage of the I Pod, the shorter the life span. If you want full charge of the I Pod, put the power off but as such, there are no solutions to charge the battery faster. When it is charged via the wall, the charge is over quickly. When done via a computer, a small amount of memory is utilized in its background functions, so it takes a wee bit longer to charge.
Step 4
So don’t wait for your I Pod to fully go dead before recharging, charge at times when you are not using it, that way it will get full charge and the battery will last longer.