How to accept cookies

Level of difficulty: Easy

A cookie is a small piece of text stored on your computer through the help of a web browser. A cookie consists of one or more name-value pairs containing bits of information. The cookie is imported in the form of HTTP header by a web browser and sent back by the browser each time the server is accessed, remains unchanged. Cookies can be effectively used for authentication, the identification for a server-based session, store preferences regarding the different sites and for many other positive functioning. The present day browsers allow users to decide whether to accept cookies or not and also the time span to keep them. It has been seen that rejecting cookies makes some websites even unusable. Previously, the introduction of cookie was not known to the public. The users were not notified of presence of cookies and generally they were accepted by default. But now, it has become a lot different. Only few steps are needed to be carried for viewing or modifying cookie settings. The steps to accept cookies are different for each web browser.

Materials Needed:
- web browser.
Step 1
In the internet explorer, the internet options on the tools menu needs to be clicked, then the security tab.
Step 2
The web content zone that is wanted needs to be clicked, and then click custom level.
Step 3
Under cookies, the option that is wanted to be clicked and all the steps are complete in accepting cookies.
Step 4
For Google chrome it is a bit different. The option function needs to be selected from the tools menu. Opt for the privacy section.
Step 5
Choose the option of allowing all cookies or only from the sites visited.
Step 6
Ultimately the major steps are complete and only the close button needs to be clicked to complete all the steps.