How to Link to the Firefox Website

Level of difficulty: Easy

Mozilla Firefox is perhaps among the most celebrated free Web browsers today. More and more people are interested to try this free Web browser with its promised faster speed, user-friendly interface, and better security. Sharing Mozilla Firefox’s advantages can be easily done through embedding its website’s links in a blog or document.

Materials Needed:
- Firefox URL
- application capable of creating or embedding links (Microsoft Word or blogging tools)
Step 1
Decide where you will create a link to the Firefox website. Turn to Step 2 if you will be using a word processor, specifically Microsoft Word. Turn to Step 11 if you will be using your blogsite.
Step 2
Open the Microsoft Word application. Create your document first before putting links.
Step 3
Open the Web browser and visit the Firefox website. Copy the URL, which is
Step 4
In Microsoft Word, you can either embed a link to a text or picture, or copy the link as it is. Decide what you will use. Turn to the next step if you will copy the link as is. Turn to Step 6 if you will embed the URL.
Step 5
Paste the URL in Microsoft Word and press 'Enter'. The URL text color will automatically turn to blue with underline.
Step 6
Drag the text or group of texts or select the graphics where you want to embed the Firefox URL.
Step 7
Place the mouse pointer on the selected text or graphic and right click the mouse. A menu will appear. Select 'Hyperlink'.
Step 8
The 'Insert Hyperlink' window will appear. Paste the Firefox URL in the field for address. Click 'OK'.
Step 9
Embedding the link is successful if the text color turned to blue with underline. A graphic has successfully embedded the Firefox URL if it shows the address when you point the mouse over it.
Step 10
Check if the link is correct. Do this by pointing the mouse over the text or graphic. Press the 'CTRL' key and click the mouse. The Firefox website will open in your default Web browser.
Step 11
Open your blogsite and create a new post.
Step 12
Copy the Firefox URL and simply paste it to the blog post you are creating. A pasted URL automatically turns into a hyperlink in some blogsites while others will require you to embed the URL. Turn to the next step if your blogsite does not support automatic hyperlink creation.
Step 13
Select the text, group of text, or graphics where you want to embed the Firefox link. Select the Insert Link button or similar buttons.
Step 14
A window will appear. Paste the Firefox URL in the blank field for the address. Click OK or similar buttons.