How to cite a website in mla format

Level of difficulty: EASY

When you are a student of a school or college, you have to carry on the process of citation till you are over with your studies. When you are writing a research paper, it is of utmost importance to use the proper format. You can use MLA format for that. Make sure to cite all the sources of information so that a person who reads it will know where he can find the information that you gave him. Use MLA as it is easy to implement, and when you have to use difference sources to get material, it works well. Follow the instructions how to cite a website in MLA format.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized Software
Step 1
The name of the site has to be underlined followed by a period. You will find the name on the top of the browser window that hosts the URL. Use an underscore symbol if your browser doesn’t support like italics or underlining. Suppose you are using a site which is called 'Aaina Creations' then your citation will be like this: Aaina Creations'.
Step 2
Mark the dates of visitation and post of the site, if you don’t get this information, the site administrator will be able to help you and if that doesn’t help, then utilize the copyright information which is placed at the bottom of the page. Write the date as in day, month and year. For instance, if you had updated your site on 14 February, 2010, then your citation will appear this way: _Aaina Creations_14 February 2010.
Step 3
The name of the institution should be mentioned on the site at the bottom of the main page, that is if there is no mention of it in the title. If the name of your institution connected with the site is St.Judes Academy, then your citation will appear this way: _Aaina Creation_.14 February 2010. St. Judes Academy.
Step 4
Whenever you used the site last, mention it in the order of day, month and year. If you have visited the site on 1 March 2010, then your citation will appear _Aaina Creation_.14 February 2010. St. Judes Academy. 1 March 2010.
Step 5
Use the URL of your website to copy and paste it into your cited page, putting it within brackets.