How to Install Speakers on a PC

Level of difficulty: Easy

Computer speakers usually come as a basic set with the PC. You can choose to upgrade to a more advanced set to improve the audio performance of your machine and they vary widely in price and quality. Some speakers may even come with a subwoofer to improve the bass output, but no matter what speaker you choose to purchase, it is always best to choose one with a warranty from the manufacturer.

Materials Needed:
- Set of computer speakers
- sound card
Step 1
Take the speakers off from the packaging. Speakers usually come in two, unless a subwoofer is included.
Step 2
Figure out which is the left and the right speaker. Set them appropriately where you would like to place them on your desk. Controls should be within reach from where you are sitting. This way you can easily turn up or turn down the volume.
Step 3
Shut down the computer.
Step 4
Connect the speakers to the computer sound card. Make sure that the speaker wire is plugged in the right port at the back of the PC. This may seem fairly easy, using common sense but some people plug it to the microphone plug and complain that their speakers do not work. Sometimes, it is only a matter of matching the color of the jack on the speaker cables with that of the input on the computer sound card. You may also look for the input jack with a speaker or headphone icon beside it. At the back of the speakers, it may show 3-4 different audio inputs such as subwoofer out, AC in or left speaker. It may also show different names according to the manufacturer.
Step 5
Speakers using an external power supply such as a battery have a line-out connection that needs to be connected to the right jack. Connect the speakers to its power source and depending on the speakers you have purchased, the power cable may come hard-wired to the speakers or needs to be plugged in.
Step 6
Start up your computer and turn on the speakers.
Step 7
Test the sound connection by opening any audio or MP3 file in the PC. You can adjust the speaker volume to a comfortable level on the application playing the file.
Step 8
You can also check volume settings in Sound and Audio Devices under Control Panel. Make sure all the lines are connected properly to the computer also. Check the items on the Master Volume screen to configure volume levels for bass line, wave, CDs, and the microphone volume.