How to cite an internet source

Level of difficulty: EASY

Different types of citations require different rules. The rules are different as it depends on the type of source you get your information from. Internet citation is used in books and printed materials. Use the correct form to cite an internet source as accuracy in presentation is most important. Use the internet as a source as well as prevent plagiarism by citing your sources. The rules to cite an internet source are very simple and easy to follow.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized Software
Step 1
Go over the internet source by noting the name of the author, place the last name first and a period at the end. If there is no author, then you need not write the name.
Step 2
If the author’s name is inserted, put the title besides it in quotation marks, state the webpage name. After closing the quotation, put a comma at the end of title.
Step 3
Next is to cite the title of the website by placing it next to the title of the article, underline and place comma. For the title, check the web address or go via the homepage.
Step 4
The date you last visited the website, mark it as the articles will have a last updated date put there, put comma after it.
Step 5
When you last used the web pages, put a date, it will be the date that you have first viewed the pages, then put a comma.
Step 6
Put the URL and with the help of the navigation toolbar, highlight the URL then copy and paste at last in your internet source citation.
Step 7
To get the citation correct, verify and protect your source by using Web citing sites. You can cite the location of your archive source by adding 'Archived at' then insert the archived address and date archived. For example, such as: Fothergill, Glenn. 'Fothergill accuses Mason of Robbery', The Herald, March 1, 2009, March 14, 2010, URL:, Archived at
Step 8 on March 20 2010.
Step 9
Be sure to use the author’s name and the quoted page number and make an enclosure for parentheses after the quote. The period is placed after you put insert the quote and citation at the end.