How to choose a website host

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

In today’s Internet oriented world everyone wants to expand his business through Internet. Clients are getting handsome dividends from making their web-sites online enabling customers to view their products globally. It is important for the client to choose the best possible web host for his site. With a number of web-hosting companies around, offering a huge variety of services it seems very difficulty initially but once you get the complete knowledge of the web hosting, it becomes easier to choose the one that suits your requirements. Some web hosting companies provide hosting for free; one just has to login their site and get their username, password for free. Once you get your domain information, you can upload your personal site on the web through their domain. If one is having his own personal or business commercial site it is highly recommended to buy his own space over the net. He can buy the space from a web hosting company.

Materials Needed:
- Must have a computer and Internet Connection; ready to upload website or blogs
- articles are required.
Step 1
Look for a web hosting company which is established and have an experience in providing services from several years. This provider will assure the client security and quality service.
Step 2
Opt for higher disk space, as it will ensure large numbered web sites to be uploaded easily. A heavy flash site having videos and images may require up to 5 GB of space. It is nice to look for the web hosting companies who provide unlimited disk space.
Step 3
Make sure the provider company offers enough bandwidth, ensuring fast opening speed of the web pages.
Step 4
Make sure the provider offers a good healthy uptime. One of the best web hosting providers give start-up time within 24 hours or instant hosting setup.
Step 5
Client should check one important thing whether the provider offers web hosting for multiple sites or not. Sometimes the customer wants to upload several sites on the single domain. So the cost should remain same or very few differences in the cost.
Step 6
Look for a web hosting company that provides web hosting space in decent prices. Look for the company which provides only with the required package, an unnecessary package is not required and they charge extra for that.
Step 7
Make sure the web hosting provides a 24*7 customer care service. It is very useful when the client encounter a technical problem.