How To Make a Valentine Card on the Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Valentine's Day is such a special occasion which is so closely to the heart not only of many lovers but family and friends as well, especially those residing at a distance. That is why during this time, gift ideas like flowers, candies, stuff toys and many more can be found in various stores. But, if there is one thing which can be considered as a constant in this occasion, it would be Valentine's cards which can either be bought or created specially for a particular person and carrying a specific message of love. The Valentine's card is such a perfect complement for all those gift ideas more so if created personally because it not only expresses a specific sentiment from the heart but can also be considered as a money saving idea for those who cannot afford to buy a gift.

Materials Needed:
- Paper
- Computer
- Printer
- Internet connection
- Web browser
- Microsoft Word
Step 1
Majority of computer systems are running under the Microsoft Windows Operating System platform. Most of these machines also have the Microsoft Office productivity suite installed. To begin creating a Valentine's Card, launch the Microsoft Word application.
Step 2
Click on the File menu and select the New document option.
Step 3
The simplest way to design a Valentine's card is to create a single cell table. Click on the Table menu, choose Insert, and click Table.
Step 4
Set the number of columns and the number of rows to one and click on the OK button.
Step 5
Press the Enter key and Repeat step 3 to step 5 until satisfied with the number of tables. Each table essentially represents one card.
Step 6
Choose one table and right click on it. In the context menu select the Borders and Shading option.
Step 7
Click the Borders tab and modify the border properties according to your preference. Click the OK button to implement your choices.
Step 8
After creating the border design, it is time to add pictures to the card. If you have no saved images in your hard drive for Valentine's day, launch the Web browser.
Step 9
Search the Internet for images pertaining to Valentine's day. Download them into your hard drive. Take note of the exact location where they are stored.
Step 10
Go back to Microsoft Word and click on the inside of the table to select it. Click on the Insert menu, choose Picture, and select the From File option.
Step 11
Navigate to the directory folder where you stored the downloaded images. Select the appropriate image and double click on it. Position the image as desired.
Step 12
Type in your intended message. Select the kind of font, color, and size from the Format menu by clicking on the Font option. Save your file.
Step 13
Repeat step 6 to step 12 until all tables have their own unique designs and messages. Cut them out accordingly and send them to your Valentine.