How to Fix Play Station 2 Disk Read Error

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Play Station is the most entertaining place for young generation of today. All the new games are easily available to be played on a play station. But all the entertainment is turned into trouble if your play station comes up with an error message showing Disk read error. Disk read error is the most common error occurring in play stations. It is more or less an error which could be fixed at home by following few steps and taking few precautions.""

Materials Needed:
- Standard screw driver
- #0 screw driver
- some cotton buds
- Isoprophyl rubbing alcohol
- felt - tip pen or marker
- vacuum cleaner for removing the dust (if possible)
Step 1
First of all remove all the plugs from the switches. Remove all the connections of play station devices to the power supply. You can see ten square - shaped covers for the screws. Remove all these covers so that you could take out all the screws. All the screws are of varying length. So place them in order such that you could track them correctly later on. Move to step 2.
Step 2
Once you are over with taking the screws off break the warranty seal if it is still unbroken. You will have to break the seal to see the inner circuit. Now tilt the play station slightly towards right side and upwards. Lift the rear edge towards the frontage of the unit until it’s over the controller jacks and disc tray then remove the cover. Remove the tape from there which is placed to hold the wires together. Remove off the dust with the help of vacuum cleaner (if available) or cotton buds. Move to next step.
Step 3
Now is the time to take the disk tray out of the cabinet. Behind the laser there is a gear of .35 inch radius and white in color. It is used to set the distance between laser's eye and disk surface. It is the point to remove disk read errors. There would be a smaller gear in brass color. Rub the laser with the cotton bud soaked in rubbing alcohol to clear the dust. Turn the white gear gently in either direction. You can now remove the disc cover. Follow it with inserting the DVD into the drive. Check if it works. If it works fine then it is time for inserting an audio cd. Check for its working. If it sounds good, you are done with it. If it doesn't work again rotate the gear in either direction until it works fine. Move to next step.
Step 4
Now gently place all the things in their respective positions and screw the board with appropriate screw placed in its correct position.