How to cite a web page in mla format

Level of difficulty: Difficult

The research papers are normally required to be written in either MLA or APA format. By using the MLA format the research for a particular web site becomes easy. It is very useful in getting the web page quickly, if the address is typed in précised MLA format. There are several articles available on the net which mention the exact format that should be followed to cite the given web page. The Modern Language Association’s format is generally simple than other styles. A standard form of the citations ensures a fast search for the web page. A majority of educational pages are made for the general reading and hence do not require that much expertise from their readers, that is required by scholarly journals and publications. They are still a huge resource of the facts and information on net. MLA has a fair standard readable look.

Materials Needed:
- User must have a Computer System
- Internet connection and basic information about the website one is looking for.
Step 1
Make a 'Works Cited' page on which user will list all of references. Mention the web page one is citing.
Step 2
Type in the 'Works Cited' page the last name of the writer first, followed by a comma then writer’s first name. Terminate the name with a period.
Step 3
After the author’s name type the title of the article in double quotes. Again follow the title with a period.
Step 4
Now after the period place website name in italics and follow the website name with a period again.
Step 5
Now type the date in dd-mm-yy format after the previous period and at the end again put a dot.
Step 6
Type the name of the website editor after the period. And again end with a period after site editor name.
Step 7
Place the name of the corresponding business organization or institution, then a comma and the name of the city, followed by state or country. Again end it with a period.
Step 8
Place the date on which one last accessed the web page after the previous period.
Step 9
List the full URL path of the web page. The path must be placed between the angled brackets(<,>).
Step 10
Terminate the 'Works Cited' page by placing a period after the angled bracket.
Step 11
List the last name of the author in a parenthesis at the end of the sentence. Terminate the sentence with a period.