How to Uninstall Window 2003 Server

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The server Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2003 was introduced into the computer market as a successor to the Windows 2000 Server platform which many consider serves as the cornerstone for the development of the Windows Server System products of Microsoft Corporation. The Windows Server 2003 was developed as a scalable version which is capable of delivering improved performance compared to previous Windows Server versions (including updates) by among others improving the quality of the IIS (Internet Information Services) which is one of the main features of the system. This server environment likewise consisted of increased security protocols that included a built-in firewall with majority of services being disabled by default. In terms of server function, it allowed for better administrative management as well as significant message queuing handling capabilities.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Operating System installer
Step 1
To uninstall the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 from a system that makes use of a dual boot operating system, jump to step 6. To uninstall the Operating System from a machine and replace it with another version of the Microsoft Windows platform, reboot the machine.
Step 2
During the reboot process, press the DEL or F1 key to enter the BIOS settings menu. In this menu, make sure that the primary boot device is the CD or DVD drive. Insert the installation disc of the new Operating System in the CD or DVD drive. Save the changes to the BIOS settings. The computer will automatically restart.
Step 3
When the machine restarts, press any key to boot from the optical media drive. This will load the setup program for the new Operating System.
Step 4
The installation process of the new Operating System will prompt you if you want to format the drive or simply overwrite the current system. Choose the option to fully format the drive and not just quick format it.
Step 5
Let the installation process continue and finish by following the onscreen prompts. This will remove the Windows Server 2003 environment from your machine and replace it with your chosen Operating System.
Step 6
For dual boot systems, the setup is that both Operating Systems belong in different partitions of the hard drive. Insert the installation CD of the platform that you wish to retain and reboot the computer.
Step 7
When the machine reboots and enters the installation process, simply follow the prompts until it identifies the partitions of the hard drive. In this screen, remove the partition where the Windows Server 2003 is stored.
Step 8
Format the partition and simply follow the onscreen prompts. Make sure though that you abort the installation once the formatting of the partition is complete. You do not need two installations of the same Operating System on different partitions.
Step 9
After the machine has loaded the Operating System, click on the Start button and select the Run option. Type the command CMD and click on the OK button.
Step 10
In the command prompt type the instruction BOOTCFG /DELETE /ID# where the ID# corresponds to the boot entry of the Operating System you deleted which in this case is Windows Server 2003. This should remove the option for Windows Server 2003 from the boot menu.
Step 11
Restart the computer to finalize the uninstall procedure.