How to create a desktop icon

Level of difficulty: Easy

Now days a computers design can be edited more easily than before, and so can desktop items be changed and personalized. Several desktop items are available free of cost on different websites and if you don’t find any icon satisfactory, then you can go ahead and create your own desktop item. As it is, there are many people who don’t like their desktop cluttered with too many items but it does become necessary to have some of them on the desktop in order to find the items you require. Learn how to create your own desktop item if need arises. Here are some steps to follow in order to create new desktop items.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
To make a desktop icon, you need to follow a specific program. Go to the Web browser and start search engine.
Step 2
Type in the words in the dialog box 'Desktop icon creating software'.
Step 3
When the websites open, go to the specific software application that you require and start downloading the program.
Step 4
While it is being installed, you will be asked if you want to create a desktop item, if you want to create one, click on yes.
Step 5
If you already have a photo-editing program installed in the computer, then look for an existing plug in which will let the software create ICO files.
Step 6
Reboot the system in order to start the new software, which has been installed on your computer.
Step 7
Then go to the Start menu, pick a program and right click on the option to 'Send to desktop'. This creates a shortcut on the desktop. The icon background should be transparent as it is important if you want to use the icon in different background settings.
Step 8
Use a background with opaque, it will maintain proper color and look square. It will be different from the other icons.
Step 9
For a particular program, change the icon by a right click on the desktop item. Go to select properties, then select 'Change icon' when the box pops up.
Step 10
Use Microsoft Paint and create desktop items as it improves the look of the desktop making the icons very noticeable.
Step 11
Download icons from sites that offer them free and make your desktop items more distinct.