How to buy a lcd flat screen tv

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is the latest trend in the market. Gone are the days when there were big boxes for televisions, now there are slim and elegant LCD displays. There are many brands in the market which offer these LCD TVs. This huge variety sometimes confuses you as to which LCD should you buy. Different companies also have different models which differ in size, functionality and price.

Materials Needed:
- For buying an LCD TV one must know the dimensions of the room and the place where the TV will fit in. you might even require some expert help to install the TV as it requires technical skills to mount an LCD TV at the desired place.
Step 1
Make a choice whether you will purchase a LCD over the Internet or from the market.
Step 2
Make sure your TV habits and your TV both complement each other well.
Step 3
Take the measurements of your room before buying an LCD. These measurements play an important role in determining the size of the screen. For instance a twenty to twenty seven inch screen would require at least a distance of 2.5 to 5 feet between the display screen and the viewer for clear viewing. This distance increases with increase in the screen size.
Step 4
Take the exact measurements of the place where the LCD will be kept. You should always keep a two inch gap on all sides so that the air can pass by. Also if you think you will be joining additional speakers then keep a gap of another three to five inches.
Step 5
There are different ways in which an LCD can be mounted, choose the way you like the best. There is no hard and fast rule to make this choice. You can hang it flat on the wall, put it on a table top, or hang it a little tilted if you are hanging it above your eye level.
Step 6
Do good homework. It is not possible to survey all the different models of various companies. Instead decide your budget and shortlist a few models based on it. Then look for the customer reviews before making the final pick.
Step 7
Pick up your LCD TV from a specialized shop. These shops have better and knowledgeable staff and hence a good customer service. Also these shops have the largest of the varieties to choose from.
Step 8
Make sure the TV you buy comes with a long warranty period.