How to Network Two Computers

Level of difficulty: Easy

Setting up a connection between two computers is easy. Computers can interface with each other, participate in multiplayer games or programs, work together on projects, and share files. Recent computer models may come equipped with network Ethernet cards or even a wireless network adapter. Computers with built-in wireless network support are most easily connected.

Materials Needed:
- Network Cards
- Wireless Network Adapter
- two CAT5 strait-trough Cables
- Networking Hub or Wireless Router
Step 1
Prepare the equipment to be used. It is preferred to use products of the same brand when choosing a hub or router and network cards or wireless network adapters.
Step 2
Determine whether the network cards or the wireless network adapters are plugged in or built-in. Point to the 'My Computer' icon and right-click. Select 'Properties'. Choose the 'Hardware' tab on the Properties window then click on the 'Device manager' button. Search for the network adapter and make sure that the device exists (denoted by a '+' inside a box) on both computers.
Step 3
Find the computer’s Ethernet sockets or ports. They are found externally and are normally located at the backside of the computer. The ports or sockets look like phone line sockets, only larger. Switch on the network hub.
Step 4
Plug in one end of the CAT5 cable into the first computer’s Ethernet socket and the other end of the cable into the network hub.
Step 5
Plug in one end of the CAT5 cable into the second computer’s Ethernet socket and the other end of the cable into the network hub.
Step 6
Connect two computers with a wireless router. Ensure that a wireless network adapter is visible on both computers’ Device Manager.
Step 7
Connect the router into a modem (if available) using a cable that accompanies the modem or wireless router.
Step 8
Configure the wireless router by using the accompanying User’s Manual. Each router brand and model may have different configuration steps. Connect the wireless router into a computer by borrowing a modem cable. Follow the configuration steps on the router manual. It is important to configure the following: the wireless network name or SSID, the wireless encryption (WEP) and/or Wi-Fi protected Access (WPA) and the administrative password used to configure network and router settings. Save the router, network settings, and unplug the cable from router to computer.
Step 9
Link up the two computers with the wireless router. Follow documentation instructions on connecting your computers. Most new computer models with built-in wireless network support will automatically access the wireless network. Some adapters may require the use of a CD installer in which the directions should be followed.