How to Save Movie on Computer from Youtube

Level of difficulty: Easy

It would be very convenient to have your favorite movies and videos saved on your computer. Watching a video while Internet connected is even more time consuming than downloading the video. You can now watch your favorite videos offline. Accessing the Internet each time a user needs to watch movies is no longer a necessity after having videos fully downloaded.

Materials Needed:
- Internet Access
- FLV Player
- Browser
Step 1
Download the FLV Player. The FLV player is a program that is able to recognize almost every movie extension names. This gives the user the comfort of using only one player for all the downloaded video types. Do this by going to, click on the link that allows the download for the said program. When directed to the next page, right click on the FLV player and choose Save Target as. Choose a Folder to save the download.
Step 2
Install FLV Player. Once the program is fully downloaded, you may install the program. Note that other media players may also be able to recognize some downloaded video formats.
Step 3
Visit You Tube: You tube is a website that is filled with all kinds of videos and movies. It also enables a user to upload their own videos and stream on other videos.
Step 4
Select the video for download: Click on the movie that you want to download. A new window should appear and on the right side of the screen is the URL (start with Http://) Copy the URL. Do this by highlighting the whole URL, then press CTRL+C on the keyboard.
Step 5
Visit This website enables a user to download movies from several websites. Paste the URL of the video you want to download on the space that says 'URL'. Do this by positioning the mouse on the space, and press CTRL+V on your keyboard.
Step 6
Download the movie. Beside the space where the user pastes the URL is a Download button. Click on the button to allow the movie to be downloaded. Upon clicking on the download button, a new page appears with a new download link which appears just below the Sponsors.
Step 7
Save the movie. Right click on the download link and choose 'Save link as', then rename the file to get_video.flv or get_video.mp4, depending on the quality the user prefers.