How to Install a Modem

Level of difficulty: Easy

Installing a modem, whether internal or external, is fairly easy to do. If the modem is external, there is no need to disassemble the computer and install the modem. This procedure is applicable for both PC and Mac computers. It is best to know what kind of modem will be installed, and also to check if it is compatible with the computer’s system. Those using Windows 95 and 98 may opt to get an internal modem instead.

Materials Needed:
- Modem (check whether it is internal or external)
- the modem's accessories
- phone
- and a computer
Step 1
After opening the package, take out the modem and all its accessories. All the equipment and materials include the modem, a cable, a phone cord, the power adaptor, an installation diskette or CD, and the instruction manual.
Step 2
Make sure that the computer is turned off. Remove all attached external devices such as the keyboard and mouse.
Step 3
One end of the modem cable should be attached to the serial port (a wide, 25-pin connector) on the computer. The other end of the cable is then attached to the modem. The serial port on a Mac computer is the tiny, round port marked with an icon of a telephone.
Step 4
With the phone cord, connect one end to the modem. Search for the port marked 'wall' or 'line.' The other end should be attached to the wall jack of the user’s phone line. If the modem will share the phone line, connect the telephone cord instead to the modem port with the word 'phone.'
Step 5
After, you may now start the computer and the modem. Check if the modem is switched on, and also check if it lights up.
Step 6
When the computer has started up, insert the software installation CD or diskette into the drive. Choose the drive, then the installation program (you may also need to double click to launch) in order to run it. If there are software installation instructions prompted by your computer system, follow these instead.
Step 7
If there are test programs included in the installation software, run the applications in order to ensure if the modem is working as it should. After, check if the computer can now access the Internet by opening your preferred Web browser and other programs which will need Internet connection. For other options, please check the instructional manual included in the package. Be sure to choose the kind of Internet connection being used, if Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or Dial-up. Do not forget to set up the preferences before launching the Web browsers.