How to cite a web page

Level of difficulty: EASY

If you are doing some sort of project work and for that you have to do a research you can take the help of numerous websites and individual web pages and also from books, lecture notes and other types of materials. Most of the material that you get on different websites are usually meant for general public viewing and reading and sometimes do give detailed information about that certain area, but usually it is not so useful for journals and doesn’t fully fulfill the criteria of a full research. But nevertheless, you will still find valid facts and information which you require. You can resort to using an MLA (Modern Language Association) format because the standard appearance is quite fair.

Materials Needed:
- Web Hosting
Step 1
Put the title of a page in single or double quote marks but maintain consistency in the full paper. Use a period to end the title, such as, if the page is How to Do Yoga Without Stressing Yourself, then you should cite it this way: 'How to Do Yoga without stressing yourself'.
Step 2
Follow the citation with a name of the sponsoring organization and add another period. You might actually go to a webpage which is a part of bigger organization, and if the article is placed on, then make the citation appear as 'How to Do Yoga without stressing yourself'
Step 3
When the page was last revised, make a record of it by adding a date, to help you use the copyright information to get the correct date. If no date is available, the least that you can do is add the year. Write the date in the order of day, month and year with a period following. If it was dated on May 1, 1987 then your citation will be 'How to Do Yoga without stressing yourself'. 1 May1987.
Step 4
Make a note of the day you have had access to that page, if the date is 15 may, 1987, then write it as '15 May1987' and follow it with a period mark. So your citation will have this appearance: 'How to Do Yoga without stressing yourself'. 1 May 1987. 15 May 1987.
Step 5
Use the full URL on the page, Use brackets and don’t add any extra punctuation. Copy and paste the URL from the browser window.