How to Update a BIOS File Using ASRock Flash Utility

Level of difficulty: Difficult

The WinZip format of the BIOS file is packaged with the Memory Writer Utility of Flash. It is capable of updating the BIOS. This is accomplished by uploading the new file BIOS into the flash ROM chip which is programmable located in the motherboard. In order to determine your motherboard’s BIOS version, you would have to press the button to get into the setup utility of BIOS during the computer system’s boot up. It is from the Main menu that you could verify the BIOS version. The larger numbers are meant to represent BIOS files that are newer. The said utility only functions in the DOS mode. Flash Memory Writer utilities are not suitable for every ASRock motherboard. Only the Flash utility that comes with each file BIOS would have to be employed in updating the BIOS. Additionally, the ASRock motherboard would have to utilize the Flash utility of ASRock when updating BIOS because using flashing tools on BIOS which have not been certified will result in motherboard damage.

Materials Needed:
- ASRock Flash utility
- Computer
- Internet connection
- ASRock BIOS file
Step 1
Firstly, you would have to generate a bootable system on a floppy disk.
Step 2
Having accomplished that, download the file BIOS ASRock which is updated. This may be downloaded from the ASRock Incorporation web site. If it is in the format WinZip it should have the file extension .zip. Unzip the downloaded BIOS file and then save the BIOS file and the ASRFLASH.EXE utility onto the disk that had previously been created.
Step 3
Now boot the bootable system floppy disk.
Step 4
Once the prompt 'A:\' is displayed, type in ASRFLASH and tap on the space bar one time. The next step would involve typing in the name of the BIOS file and then pressing on the Enter button. You will then see a message stating, 'Please wait for BIOS loading Rom.'
Step 5
After about 30 seconds, the 'Flash ROM Update Completed – Pass' message is displayed to you. This signifies the end of the BIOS upgrade process.
Step 6
Once the upgrade of the BIOS has been done, you must remove the floppy disk from the drive and restart the computer system. Pressing during the bootup allows you to again enter the setup utility of BIOS.
Step 7
In the menu Exit, you will have to choose 'Load Default Settings'. Press on the button to continue. Select the 'Exit Saving Changes' and again press the button so that you can exit the setup utility of BIOS. When all these are done, the system would now boot up on a new BIOS.
Step 8
In order to verify the version of the BIOS, you may locate it during the system boot up by pressing on the button so that you could access the setup utility of BIOS. This may also be done by checking on the Main menu or checking the boot up screen.