How to Boot from CD ROM

Level of difficulty: Easy

Knowing how to boot from the CD ROM drive can help users when they want to replace or repair the current Operating System of the computer. This procedure can also be used to run advance tools like applications developed for memory testing and password recovery. When booting from the CD ROM drive, users are actually running the computer with a small OS (Operating System) or Recovery Console software stored in CDs. Configuring a computer to boot from the CD ROM drive normally takes 10-20 minutes to properly complete.

Materials Needed:
- Operating System saved in CD (MS Windows Windows XP/Vista/Linux/etc.)
- Diagnostic tools (like Recovery Console)
- CD/DVD ROM drive
Step 1
To change the BIOS boot sequence of a computer, restart it and press F2 to initiate system BIOS setup. On the Menu, go to the Boot section and set the CD drive as the machine's primary boot device. Save the settings and Exit System BIOS setup. This is because before users can start booting from the CD ROM drive, they must alter the BIOS boot order sequence so the CD or DVD drive will come first in booting since most BIOS settings are configured by default to boot in normal mode (Hard Disk). However, there are a few computers programmed to boot from the CD ROM drive by default. This means it is advisable to ensure that the computer will boot from the CD drive before restarting the computer and inserting the CD containing the software that will be used to boot the computer from the CD ROM drive.
Step 2
After reconfiguring your CD Drive as the primary boot device in BIOS, your computer will automatically verify that the drive for a bootable CD or DVD is active whenever your machine restarts. Leaving your Computer with this configuration may not cause further problems unless you intended to leave the disc in the drive at all time.
Step 3
When settings are reconfigured, open the disk drive and place in the bootable CD. Make sure that the CD is clean and free from scratches. This scratches may cause minor failures while running.
Step 4
The computer will automatically run the CD and open file program. The user must restart the computer to initiate the system boot.
Step 5
By restarting the computer, the run process will automatically initiate the boot from the CD. User must follow the instruction if the messages shows 'Press any key to boot from CD'. Note: if user did not initiate a command, it will automatically proceed to the next procedure (boot to normal mode, initiate disk scan, etc.).
Step 6
After pressing the enter key (or any key), it will automatically run the CD and wait for new instruction on how to install or repair the system. Follow the instruction and restart the computer after completing the procedures. On this point you have successfully Boot the computer using the CD.