How to burn a dvd with nero

Level of difficulty: Easy

There are several ways of burning DVD. The methods are different for different software. If you are planning to use Nero, here are a few steps to guide you.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
The burning methods of DVD would be same for the users having version 6 as well as the versions after 5.5.x.x. You can use Nero Burning ROM for burning your DVD.
Step 2
While you start the process, you may encounter some complications. If you see a Wizard close it there must be a button down at the right side which says Close Wizard or something of that sort. You should open the pull-down menu and then select DVD. If there is no pull-down menu in the system, then your version does not support DVD.
Step 3
When you know your system supports DVD select DVD-Video (1) from the list. Then ensure that the settings (2) are also the same. Now hit the Label tab. Insert the label that you want your DVD to have. It is the name which you see before your drive's letter every time you go to My Computer. Click on New.
Step 4
At the left side of the screen you can notice the folders of the DVD you are going to burn. Now notice VIDEO_TS folder which is usually red. Double click on it in order to open the VIDEO_TS folder. At the right side of the screen you can see the hard drive. Now browse to the folder where you have the DVD files (the files which DVD Shrink has created). Select All the files. Then drag and drop ALL the files which you have selected in the previous step into the VIDEO_TS folder. The bat at the bottom should be blue or just a little yellow where it finishes. Now click on the burn icon.
Step 5
Next select Write. Set the write speed for your media (for slower media, Nero may reduce the speed from 4x to 2x, you should not get nervous seeing this). When you are done with all these procedures, hit Burn. While your computer is burning your DVD it is recommended you do not keep your computer busy. If you continue with other activities during the burning, your system may slow down. It may even hamper the burning process by getting halted all of a sudden. Wait for the burning to finish and you will get a nice DVD-Video disc. If you face further problems, go through instructions before you start.