How to build a computer case

Level of difficulty: Hard

When you want to make your own computer, it is very task taking and needs a lot of effort, but the long hours usually bring good results and it is worth the time that you put in.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized hardware
Step 1
It all depends on the type of case you need, it can be a custom fit, a light fit or a unique display case, make a case that will look good and is hardy. It is a better option to build your own computer case as it costs less than a ready made one.
Step 2
Does it matter if your case is black, red, or silver, and does it matter how fast your computer is. It also doesn’t matter how big or small it is, the most important factor is that you like your machine. So make it the way you envision it, at least when you look at it, you won’t think it’s ugly.
Step 3
You have to get together the required components for the internal part of the system such as the motherboard, faceplates, memory, hard drive, power supply, processor, video card, game card, etc.
Step 4
Write down your requirements and according to that, get your computer parts together. It is important that your computer is equipped with a fan in the computer case that should not be forgotten.
Step 5
Make holes for the faceplates. Take proper measurements so that the faceplates fit snugly. If the components are fixed tightly, it will look like a clean looking case.
Step 6
For the wood or the plexi glass, cut holes, measure and mark the materials and take them to a hardware store where they can cut it precisely for you.
Step 7
After it is cut, start constructing your case, Choose the connectors and fix them to the right place, and if you are using wood, then make sure to use wood glue for sealing it tight. Start by putting the computer parts in the faceplates in the opening inside.
Step 8
Put up a side with nails, screws or hinges of your choice, as long as the walls are tight and the holes are lined up. Be creative. Include a hole in your case for the power cord to be inserted; an addition of a light to your plexi glass is a good idea. There should be adequate supply of power. The quality should be good.
Step 9
Now start up the machine as it is ready, fire it up and install an operating system.