How to create a proxy server

Level of difficulty: Easy

You can create a proxy server by yourself which is vastly used in schools and colleges for the students. If you go through the web, you will come across many PHP proxies but they have their limitations with their services. It is essential to have a domain name for the proxy site and also a web server for hosting the proxy scripts. Even without owning a domain name or server space you can create a proxy server for free. Here are some steps which will show you how to do so.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
You can click on Servers> Proxy Servers in the administrative console. If that particular server doesn’t show display, then you have to verify that you are currently on WebSphere Application Server V6.0.2, then it will be launched.
Step 2
Make the selection of the node on which you want to proxy to remain, and for that Network Deployment nodes do the display and a proxy will stay only in Network Deployment node. Give a new name for the proxy server and go to 'Next'.
Step 3
HTTP and SIP are automatically selected for you if your proxy server gives out a request to the Web. If the server is routing out requests, then select Session Initiation Protocol. It is up to you to decide whether you want to generate HTTP ports or not. You can select the option to generate ports if you create multiple proxy servers.
Step 4
Port mapping is done when the process is advanced which will require unique ports. If each proxy server is connected to a unique HTTP port, then a load balancer can load balance requests to the proxy servers which lie within the same node.
Step 5
If the proxy server has to listen to the requests given by a virtual host, then it is important to add the HTTP ports. If there is conflict between other servers on the same node, then these port values have to be modified in order to work well.
Step 6
You have to pick the base of your proxy server, so select a proxy server template, and then click on 'Next'.
Step 7
Use a default template, or you can use an existing application server. If you want to save time, then map to a pre existing proxy server by building it and then you can change the configurations according to your needs and then start using the proxy server as a template. After this is done, click on Finish, and then view it.