How to build a simple website

Level of difficulty: Easy

Are you willing to create a simple website? The process is easy. You should know certain things which will make your site interesting as well as accessible for all. Here are a few steps to guide you. You can spend a lot of time and even money trying to make your website stand out. However, the overuse of colors, images, videos may ruin the attempt of making your website stand out. If the website takes a lot of time to load, the viewers may never visit your site again.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
First you should ensure that your website does not have any browsing problems. You should test your Web pages on different browsers in order to know that they work in all the systems. Not all the users have the latest versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer. Therefore all the users will not be able to see everything on the page if you use scripts or other designs that are not supported by older browsers. If you use frames, they are visually pleasing and give the visitor a better idea of what you are trying to inform. However, they are not at all good for search engines. If the search engines do not support your website, there is a lesser chance of tracing your website. Using frames does not give the visitor the options of bookmarking individual pages as well. So, keeping your website simple will be a better idea.
Step 2
You should use standard colors. If you use very bright and garish colors visitors may not want to check your page. Most webpages use the same colors for their links and read links. If you try something very different, the visitors may get confused. HTML gives you the option of making things blink. But if it is used too much, the visitors may find it annoying. You should avoid inserting big graphics, or a large number of graphics on your page. If your site takes longer than 10 seconds to load, there is a high possibility that people will skip your site and go to some others.
Step 3
For drawing more visitors, keep information up to date. If your website does not speak of current occurrences, visitors will not waste time going through them. If you go on inculcating current information, your website will also have a chance of improving its ranking in search engines. Avoid giving wrong information. It will not only irritate visitors, it will invite bad comments as well.