How to Get Free Wireless Internet

Level of difficulty: Easy

In an age when Internet access is important and sometimes crucial in everyday living, a number of wireless services are available almost anywhere and anytime. Unfortunately, most wireless Internet connection may not be available because it cannot be easily found, is not free, or is secured. Users must understand that using wireless Internet connection not paid for and actually paid by another user can be a form of stealing. The use of wireless connection can be detrimental for both the owner and the unknown user. Users on a wireless Internet connection suffer lessened bandwidth access for every other computer or user accessing their wireless account. This can be frustrating at times and some wireless accounts may have a limited allotted bandwidth that may cut service or may charge additional hours. Users using wireless connection from other people may encounter interruption when the owner detects them and make their wireless connection secured.

Materials Needed:
- Computer with built-in Wireless network card or installed Wireless network card
Step 1
Visit your local public Library. Most public libraries offer free Wireless Internet connection even if you do not have a library card.
Step 2
Search over the Internet for local 'hot spots' in your area. Hot spot is a Wi-Fi access to certain area or location. This will be beneficial to laptop users. Once the wireless signal is discovered by your laptop, all you have to do is to access the ISP Hotspot site and log in using user ID and password provided by your ISP.
Step 3
If you are a subscriber to an ISP, contact them to ask where the several 'hot spot' locations are and you can connect your laptop on a wireless manner free. Once the wireless signal is detected by your laptop, all you have to do is to access the ISP Hotspot site and login using user id and password provided by your ISP.
Step 4
Look around for establishments that offer free Wi-Fi service. These are usually coffee shops, bars, diner’s fast-food chain restaurants, or other public establishments. Just be courteous to order from them before using their free Wi-Fi service.
Step 5
Another option for acquiring wireless Internet service is to talk to neighbors or friends with wireless Internet service and ask permission to use their connection. Users can share a wireless Internet connection by scheduling uses or limiting use. You may also have an agreement with them by offering small errands or tasks in exchange of a free use of their Internet.