How to create your own website for free

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you are in need of a website and don’t want to invest money in it, you can create a website for free. Create it for your business, family, your club or for personal use, its your choice. There are few steps you have to follow to create your own website for free. A lot of speculation and thinking will go into it.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
The very first step is the planning. You have to plan out your site and conclude the purpose of the site in order to target the audience. Keep in mind the content that is required, and the complete style or layout of the site. Following this, you have to choose your host, should it be free or commercial.
Step 2
You have to think of a design. When someone visits the site, the first thing they will notice is the visual display and how attractive it looks, besides looking for the information. The color consistency, graphics and navigation along with the web style are all part of a successful site.
Step 3
Use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code to specify the text, and create hyperlinks between the documents. Use graphics, video sound and animation, all this will add to the effectiveness of the site. If you use notepad editor instead of an expensive HTML editor, it will work as well.
Step 4
Now use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload your files which allows you to transfer files between two computers with the use of the internet. When you are using this FTP program, you are using a FTP client.
Step 5
Now you will want to validate your site by checking the web pages with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Rectify the spelling mistakes and broken links if there are any. You will get these services for free as they are available.
Step 6
For the promotional aspect of your site, register it with top search engines and directories, it will be good for your site, also off line promotion is useful.
Step 7
Updating your site from time to time is very important for maintaining it. Add new information about your site from time to time if you want the audience to come back repeatedly.
Step 8
Having a website is a never ending job of maintaining it and updating it. If you want to translate your site, then go to Google translation and select the translation browser, it is free of cost.