How to clean cookies

Level of difficulty: EASY

Cookies are a folder, which accumulates various information regarding shopping sites and web mail. Within this file, there are message IDs, order number, client IDs etc hidden and this presents a threat for your computer. There are some cookies which stop working as soon as you close the web browser but there are some cookies which still remain and they cause the problem. After the use of internet, you need to clear cookies. Clean Internet explorer cookies with a program which will wipe every information which presents a threat to your computer.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized tools
Step 1
You can clean cookies by using the Internet Explorer, there are options available. Open Internet Explorer window, then open the tools menu and select the Internet options. Go to the 'General' tab, there you will get options with which you can either delete Internet Explorer files or you can delete the History.
Step 2
When you get the Browsing History tab, then click on 'Delete'. Now the History will display a dialog box in which you will see the Delete Cookies Button, press on it. Use to delete other files, passwords and other temporary files. While you are deleting cookies, your other settings are lost too. After you have removed the cookies from your system, use registry cleaner software as it helps to remove any vicious entries which are added when the bad cookies appear. They help you remove cookies.
Step 3
Cookies are sometimes useful but they can crowd up your system and if a hacker gets their hands on it, then it can mess up the computer. Usually we tend to forget that what damage unwanted cookies can do to our system, so we ignore it. Cleaning of cookies from the system on a regular basis will help you to keep your system from crashing. And if there are any left over cookies, use the registry cleaner software to be on the safer side.