How to clean cds

Level of difficulty: EASY

The optical laser disks are capable of storing vast amount of data. With the mass use of the optical disk technology, the existence of magnetic disk and tape is in danger. It is the CDs and DVDs that consists of the broad term optical laser disk. While speaking of the diskettes, the first thing that comes in our mind is CD. A CD, a spinoff of audio CD technology stands for compact disk. Once inserted in the disk drive the text, video images can be read for processing and display. Even with the development in CD technology like introduction of recordable and rewritable CD, it has become much compatible for the users. A standard CD has the storage capacity of nearly seven hundred MB- equivalent to more than the storage place of a thousand floppy disks. The tremendous storage capacity has opened the door to a variety of multimedia applications. Still one thing, whether you love or hate but you cannot debate that the CDs generally does not last long. They are prone to scratches and dirt, thereby preventing the CD to play. However we can solve this out and increase its life a bit long by cleaning them properly. Facing trouble while playing the disks is an indication for the requirement of cleaning. Cleaning is an important part of disk maintenance and also prevents from exposing those dusts to the CD player. At times, it has been seen that even after cleaning, the CD refuses to play properly simply because of scratches. However tests have revealed that regular cleaning of the CDs reduces almost the entire problems that can occur as time passes by.

Materials Needed:
- home made solution with mild soap and warm water
- cotton cloth.
Step 1
The first step is to have dusting the CDs very carefully.
Step 2
Furthermore, if the CDs are still having problem in running, increase the cleaning to the next level. Here, we have to use cleaning solution for a complete cleaning of the CDs, thus providing a shiny and glossy look to it. In the market, varieties of solvents are readily available with a nominal price.
Step 3
On being a bit over cautious, then you can make a home made solution with mild soap and warm water for cleaning.
Step 4
Apply the solution on a cotton cloth and wipe the disc and allow the disk to get dried up.
Step 5
A bit of preventive measures with timely cleaning can raise the output of your CDs. So, stop neglecting it and take a step ahead for preserving your most precious CDs.