How to Upload Music File to Web Server

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

You need an application called an FTP client to upload a music file to a Web server. There are lots of FTP client that you can download over the Internet. This article will only outline how you can upload a music file using the application called FileZilla. This FTP client is an open source application that is being distributed for free under GNU General Public License’s terms.

Materials Needed:
- Music file
- FileZilla FTP Client
Step 1
Visit the download page of this FTP client ( and get the right version for your computer. For Windows-based machines, obtain the Setup version.
Step 2
Once you have finished downloading the application, go to the directory where you have downloaded the installation file and then double click it.
Step 3
Follow the instructions that will appear on your screen to successfully install the FileZilla FTP client in your hard drive.
Step 4
You need a few details from your Web host before you can upload a music file to your Web server. These include the FTP server name for your Web server, your user identification or login name, FTP account password and the path or directory where you will place your music file. You cannot utilize this tutorial if your Web host notifies you that you don’t have access to FTP.
Step 5
To begin uploading your music file to your Web server, click the 'File' item on FileZilla’s menu and then choose 'Site Manager' by clicking on it.
Step 6
Once a dialog box appeared on your screen, choose the 'New Site' button by clicking on it. This will create a new entry called 'New FTP site' under 'My FTP Sites.' You can change the title 'New FTP site' to your preferred name or title. By default, your keyboard cursor will be placed in the title part of 'New FTP site,' enabling you to modify the name at once. If you’ve lost the keyboard cursor because you have clicked away from the dialog box, you can still go back to it by clicking the name once. Note that the name or title can be anything you prefer and it is not needed for accessing your Web server. Changing it could probably make things easier rather than its cryptic name 'New FTP site.'
Step 7
Key in your FTP server’s name in the 'Host' box.
Step 8
Choose 'Normal' from the 'Logontype' list box and then enter your user ID/login name and password.
Step 9
Click on the 'Connect' button and then locate the music file that you wish to upload to your Web server.
Step 10
You should see your music file’s upload progress as FileZilla goes on to upload your music file to your Web server. You can then disconnect from your Web server once you have successfully downloaded your music file.