How to clear your internet explorer cache

Level of difficulty: Easy

Cache may be termed as temporary memory of the browser which stores the record of all the websites, images, videos, and downloads that have been opened on that browser while surfing the net. It makes the frequently used pages to open quickly by storing these in the cache memory. But a huge number of storage in the cache slows down the surfing speed. Therefore by clearing the cache memory of the browser one can improve the surfing speed of the net as well as maintain the privacy of the sites, videos, images and downloads that one open on that given browser. It is very easy to clear the cache memory of Internet Explorer. Sometimes one opens the pages which he does not want to reveal to the others.

Materials Needed:
- One requires a Computer System
- Internet connection and internet explorer browser.
Step 1
Open the Internet Explorer and go to the 'Tools' tab of the menu bar. Cache memory can be cleared in two ways; click on the 'Delete browsing history..' option. A pop-up window will be opened in which there are several options like 'Temporary Internet files' , 'Cookies', 'History', 'Form Data' and 'Passwords'. One can delete the cookies by clicking on the 'Delete Cookies' option to delete all the information stored by the cache memory. A pop-up box will emerge as soon as one clicks on the 'Delete cookies' option. Click on the yes button to delete the cookies.
Step 2
The other option is by clicking on the 'Internet Options' link which is last in the list of 'Tools' menu item.
Step 3
As soon as one clicks the 'Internet Options' link a pop-up window with multiple choices open like General, security, Privacy, Content, Connections, Programs, Advanced. By default the content under the 'General' tab open but sometimes it is not the case. In this case select the 'General' tab.
Step 4
One will see a Browsing History section. Click on the Delete button to clear the cache memory of the browser.
Step 5
As one clicks on the 'Delete' button a pop-up window of Delete Browsing History will be opened. There are generally five options in this window although some browsers may have more or less. Every option follows with a Delete button in front of them. By clicking on the Delete cookies button one can clear the cache memory of the Internet Explorer. Although it is better to Delete All the valuable information by clicking on the 'Delete All' button at the bottom of the Window in order to avoid any insecurity issue.