How to Create a Torrent File

Level of difficulty: Easy

Torrent has been a very popular way to download free programs, software and applications. For this reason, a lot of Internet users know where to find torrents and how to download them. However, not a lot of people know how to make them. File-sharing through a Torrent is the easiest way to transfer large files to other people, even personal files intended to be transferred to a single user.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Internet connection
- BitTorrent client software
Step 1
Creating a Torrent file is simpler than a lot of people think. The first step is to execute the computer’s BitTorrent client. Most Torrent clients have Torrent makers bundled as part of their functions.
Step 2
If the computer does not have BitTorrent client software, download one. There are a lot of Torrent client applications available for free all over the Internet.
Step 3
Go to the File menu in the program’s menu bar. There should be an option that states something like, 'Create new'.
Step 4
A dialogue box should appear where the files or directories to put into the new Torrent should be chosen. Choose the files or directories to be placed into the Torrent.
Step 5
Some client software would have a checkbox that states 'enable public DHT network' or 'use an external tracker'. If the client being used has one of these options, tick them. The 'enable public DHT network' allows the Torrent’s creator’s system to serve as a tracker, just in case the chosen public trackers go down. The 'use an external tracker' option simply states that Torrent databases can keep the Torrent to the public present, in case someone searches for files within the said Torrent.
Step 6
Add tracking websites once prompted. The number of trackers to register the Torrent files to is in the discretion of the Torrent owner.
Step 7
Make sure that the option 'private torrent' is disabled unless a private tracker is to be used.
Step 8
If an 'allow decentralized tracking' is available, make sure that this box is ticked.
Step 9
Save the Torrent.
Step 10
A Torrent file does not need to be uploaded to a website or a tracking website. The computer where the Torrent is should serve as a server where the trackers could remotely access the file and should allow other users to download the said file using the computer server’s bandwidth. If the computer where the Torrent is located is not connected to the Internet, then other parties would not be able to download the Torrent.