How to check my ram

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

RAM is the indicator of performance of the computer that is measured in gigabytes or megabytes. (Higher the number, higher would be the performance of the programs). One needs to know the exact amount of space on the computer in order to check if there is any memory upgrade requirement. It is very important to check the space occupied by the new programs frequently. One can check the RAM in the computer by following the steps below:

Materials Needed:
- To know how to check the utility on computer
Step 1
Turn on the computer and wait till the windows get loaded.
Step 2
One needs to go to my computer then right click on the icon & select properties. Properties will open the system properties of the computer.
Step 3
Click General tab, from this option one can check the physical memory there on the computer. The amount will specify the exact RAM installed there on the computer. The Random Access Memory is measured in GB and MB which are the multiples of 2 like 32mb, 128Mb etc(these are there on the older versions of computer nowadays 256 MB,512 MB 0r 4GB so and so on).
Step 4
The usage of computer can also be checked by opening the task bar. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together, a window will pop up, click on Performance tab. Check the memory utilized by each program running on the computer. Check the usage. To know the amount of RAM in use, open the taskbar or press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open a pop up window. Click on Task Manager.' Click on the 'Performance tab’. You can test the memory currently used by each program running on PC.
Step 5
One can also download free memory software for testing i.e. memtest 86 (one can download this software from the Microsoft link also). This software can run on many configurations. Run diagnostics and read details.
Step 6
One can test RAM with the software downloaded above. In the 1 st phase it may consume less than thirty minutes.
Step 7
Reboot the computer with CD-ROM or disk on which memory diagnostic is installed. View interface and 1st test will be performed, this test will be followed by the next test until one exits. This step will bring hardware problems of RAM or the mother board to surface.