How to backup your computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

What happens when the computer gets crashed due to a virus and you lose your important data? Everything becomes a mess. So the solution is backup. Back up doesn’t mean that your computer wont crash and that virus will not infect it, but you will have access to your important files. A back up is necessary for everyone to protect their important files. A day does come when the computer crashes, so be prepared to have a backup. Back up your entire computer before the system crashes. Before there was no back up system available, floppy disk was used which would hold data of about a megabyte. It made saving all the data impossible.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized hardware
Step 1
With the help of ZIP drives, CD Rom, DVD Rom, it has become easier to backup the entire computer. The entire computer contents can be backed up onto the ZIP disk. They hold 100s of megabytes and are powerful in backups.
Step 2
If your computer crashes, you will be able to restore all the information, giving you a sense of security. So back up is an important factor and the faster you do it, the better. You can never know for certain when your computer will crash and you take your sweet time to backup, it’s not a waste of time.
Step 3
This is how you backup your computer:To your computer, connect a large external hard drive and carefully locate all your important documents, music, movies, e mails, bookmarks, etc and copy all the data on to the hard drive which is new. Applications cannot be copied. It has to be downloaded from the internet again. Disconnect the hard drive so that all the files are safe. The hard drive inside your computer needs formatting, so do it. Re install all your software which could be used daily, along with virus software.
Step 4
Starting with your virus software, re-install all of the software that you use every day.Acronic True image is software, which is used to create a compressed image of your work, so again whenever you are formatting your computer; you need not go follow the process of re installing your software. It is a guarantee you won’t loose data. For the up gradation of your operating system, you do require to make copies of all the documents. Copy files from the computer onto an external hard drive. That sends your important files are then copied to a secured location.